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Hearing Aid Dispensing

Here at Florida Otolaryngology Group, we offer a broad range of hearing aid makes and models, all customized to meet your personal hearing requirements. Our full-service audiology department is equipped to meet any and all of your hearing aid needs.

Hearing loss? Take this simple test; if you answer "yes" to two (2) or more of these questions, it's time for you to visit your audiologist and have your hearing tested.

  • 1. Can you hear people speak, but cannot understand them?
  • 2. Do people complain that you turn the TV or radio too loud?
  • 3. Do people complain that you speak too loud?
  • 4. Do you complain about people mumbling?
  • 5. Do you have difficulty understanding conversation in groups or crowded places?
  • 6. Do you have "ringing" sounds in your ears?
  • 7. Do you avoid social gatherings where listening may be difficult?
  • 8. Do you frequently ask people to repeat themselves?
  • 9. Do you have difficulty hearing at public gatherings, like the movies or a house of worship?
  • 10. Do you feel tired or tense after group conversations?

Types of Hearing Aids:

Hearing aids come in various sizes and shapes, depending on the patient's needs and the type of hearing loss.


Hearing aids can open up a whole new world to those who properly utilize them. Hearing loss can cause social withdrawl, anxiety and depression. Being able to more easily communicate with family and friends can help reduce or alleviate these problems, as well as provide a better quality of living for those afflicted with hearing loss.

Hearing Aid patients are seen by appointment only!

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